The Department of Mechanical Engineering has excellent Infrastructure with spacious Lecture halls in terms of general requirements and state of art laboratories for carrying out academic activities. There are altogether 15 Laboratories. All laboratories are well equipped and well maintained.


The Department of Mechanical Engineering has spacious laboratories and ergonomically designed classrooms with all the required facilities. The total accommodated area is   Sq. meters, constitutes   Lecture Halls, 1 Department Library, 15 Labs and   staff Room.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has 15 Labs distributed over an area of   Sq. meters. The labs are well equipped.

Lab Area Details:

S.No. Name of the Lab as per the curriculum Room No. Area (Sq.m)
1 Mechanics of Solids & Metallurgy Lab LGF-3 102
2 Fluid Mechanics& Hydraulic Machines Lab VGF-3 129
3 Production Technology Lab LGF-9A 110
4 Theory of Machines Lab LGF-9B 86
5 Machine Tools Lab VGF-1A 200
6 Metrology & Instrumentation Lab VGF-1B 103
7 Thermal Engineering Lab VGF-2 145
8 Heat Transfer Lab VFF-3 142
9 CAD/ CAM Lab Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab VTF-6 132
10 Mechatronics Lab VGF-6A 102

Classroom Area Details:

S.No. No. of Sections No. of classrooms/ tutorial rooms Room No. Area (Sq.m)
1 9 7+2(T) VFF-6A 75
2 VFF-6B 75
3 VFF-8 128
4 VFF-9 130
5 VFF-4 128
6 VSF-2 101
7 VSF-5 132
8 VSF-3A 75
9 VSF-3B 75
Other facilities:

S.No Name of the facility Room No. Area(Sq.m)
1 Department library    
2 Conference hall    


A shared 500MBPS Internet connection is installed to meet the growing needs of staff and students to pursue their academic activities.


The institution subscribes to 4 electrical printed journals from professional institutions like IEEE and 80 E-journals can be accessed from digital library like Delnet online journals.