A sound scientific temperament and quest for continous innovation drives both faculty and students to keep pursuing research activities at the institute.This infuses an investigative spirit even among under-graduate students and motivates them to take up various challenging projects.To conduct and to promote research activities.

Research Lab Equipment in ECE

S. No Description
1 NEXYS 4 DDR FPGA Boards: FPGA Part # XC7A100T-1CSG324C, Logic Slices 15,850 (4 6-input LUTs & 8 flip-flops each), Block RAM 4,860 Kbits, Clock Tiles 6 (each with PLL), DSP Slices 240, Internal clock 450MHz+, DDR2128 MB, Cellular RAM16MB, Ethernet10/100 PHY
2 MATLAB - 2013b (with 8 Tool boxes)
3 Mentor HEP1-Back End Software
5  XILINX Zed Board - Zynq-7000 SoC XC7Z020-CLG484-1, 512 MB DDR3, 256 Mb Quad-SPI Flash, 4 GB SD Card, Onboard USB-JTAG Programming
6 Optional CPLD XC 9572 Module (XILINX)
7 Optional FPGA XC 3550 Module (XILINX)

Research Lab Equipment in Mechanical Engineering

S. No. Name of the equipment, Make Cost of Equipment (Rs.)
1 Autoclave, Model SX-300, Japan Make 5,32,171
2 Homogenizer, Model T25, Digital, Germany Make 2,40,988
3 Digital Ultra Sonic Device, Model UP 400St, Germany Make 5,11,311
4 Freeze Dryer, Model: Alpha 1-2 LD Plus,  Germany Make 6,30,000
5 Analytical Mill, Model A11, A11.5 Grinding chamber, A11.2 cutting blade, Germany Make 38,053
Total Cost 19,52,523