List of Patents

S.No.   Branch Name of the Patent Name of the Inventors Patent Application Number Patent Country Status (Filed/ Published/ Granted)
1. CSE Smart home control using Brain Computer Interface Mr N. Magesh Kumar 20241052785 A India Published
2. CSE Solar Panel Rotation System: Automatic Solar Panel Rotation System Dr K. Venkateswara Rao 202141000128 India Published
3. CSE An AI Abetted Green Energy generation systems Dr K. Venkateswara Rao 202141012214 India Published
4. CSE Smart Farm Fence Mr. T.V Vamsi Krishna 202041030623 India Published
5. ECE A Three Input Exclusive NOR GATE Device Dr. Jitendra Kumar Saini 2021105517 Australia Granted
6. ECE Modified HighPerformance Pipelined Parallel Prefix Brent Kung Adder Dr.Basavoju Harish 202141040425 India Published
7. ECE Design and Fabrication of Child Rescue Machine from Tube Wheels with Weight Constraint using sensors and Wireless Camera Mr. G. Harish 202041030735 India Published
8. ECE Design and Development of IOT Based Health Care system using Wearable devices Mrs. M. Revathi 202021049215 India Published