List of Patents

S.No.   Branch Title of Invention Name of the Inventors Patent Application Number Patent Country Status (Filed/ Published/ Granted)
1. CIVIL Development of Wireless Sensor Network Based Smart System for Preventing Railway Accidents M. Jemimah Carmichael 202041055057 India Published
2. CIVIL Development of IoT Based System to Detect and Prevent Child Abuse M. Jemimah Carmichael 202041027328 India Published
3. CIVIL Development of Intelligent Traffic Control For Emergency Clearance Communication M. Jemimah Carmichael 202041024932 India Published
4. CIVIL Design of Luminous Light For Monitoring System Using IoT M. Jemimah Carmichael 202041031102 India Published
5. CSE An AI Abetted Green Energy Generating Systems K. Venkateswara Rao 202141012214 India Published
6. CSE Automatic Solar Panel Rotation System K. Venkateswara Rao 202141000128 India Published
7. EEE Optimal Design of Modular DC-DC Converter Combined With Series Resonance Converter For Energy Integration Sudarsan Manapali V 2020103761 Australia Granted
8. EEE Switchboard With Inbuilt Audio Players Dr. Mahaboob Shareef Syed --- India Published
9. CSE Smart Farm Fence T.V Vamsikrishna 202041030623 India Published
10. ECE A Three Input Exclusive NOR Gate Device Kumar Saini Jitendra 2021105517 Australia Granted
11. ECE Modified High Performance Pipelined Parallel Prefix Brent Kung Adder Harish Basavoju 202141040425 India Published
12. ECE Design And Fabrication of Child Rescue Machine From Tube Wells With Weight Constraint Using Sensors and Wireless Camera Harish Basavoju 202041030735 India Published
13. ECE Artificial Intelligence Enabled Multiple Sensor Data Wearable System for Woman Safety Dr K S Balamurugan 202241045671 India Published
14. ECE Design and Development of IoT Based Health Care System M. Revathi 202021049215 India Published
15. ECE Artificial Intelligence Enabled Multiple Sensor fall care system for elders Dr K S Balamurugan 202241052932 India Published
16. MECH Solid State Deposition Process of Surface Alloy Coating Mukku Venkataiah 202041015774A India Published