• Foster cordial relations between Vignan's Lara engineering College and its graduates and former students and to promote the welfare and success of the University.
  • To engage in academic and social activities as shall contribute towards promoting liaison between the alumni and the institute.
  • To facilitate and encourage alumni to contribute towards improvements in the status of the institute in areas pertaining to academics, industry interactions and any other area that the alumni and the institute feel appropriate.
  • To provide avenues for drawing upon the knowledge and expertise of the alumni for furthering the cause of the institute as a leading center of excellence.
  • To foster linkages amongst the alumni and to promote personal and friendly relations through meetings and get-together-s among members of the association.
  • To render assistance to students of the institute through grants, scholarships and prizes and to provide assistance in academics, placement or in any other area that is felt as appropriate by the association and the institute.